The Wasps Love a Raffle and a Lockdown Challenge

Following on from our virtual relay we have been trying to keep up everyone’s motivation to run, here’s a little update about what we’ve been doing to keep on running.

We’ve still had the dibbers out completing our running bingo cards and Agata and Stacey both called House this week after finally being able to run in the rain.

Over the last week we have been earning a raffle ticket with each run. Whenever a member completed their exercise for the day they had to post evidence of their distance covered in miles, this number then translated to their raffle ticket number. So if I ran 5.16 miles I’d get raffle ticket number 516, as the week went by it became more difficult to remember what numbers had already been taken. Linda had been keeping track and posting daily updates of those that had gone. The excitement mounted on Sunday as Linda put all the numbers into a random number generator app and ‘pulled out’ the winning ticket. The lucky winner of a new club vest was…..Joanne Moyers

And whilst one initiative finished there was no letting up as another had already started. Stacey has challenged the Wasps to run, walk or cycle to the 2532 miles to the North Pole during the month of May!! Why the North Pole you may ask, (we did) ‘purely because there are no Wasps there’, we can’t think of a better reason. Again each Wasp will post their daily mileage and Stacey will add them together to let us know how far we have travelled. At the last count we had covered 236 miles, which takes us to the edge of the Cairngorms National Park.

Where can you get if you travel 236 miles from Widnes?