Dust off the mantlepiece and clear some room for a trophy or two.

A personal challenge, a little competition, a way to measure your progress… The Widnes Wasps Club Championship is meant to motivate and inspire, giving you a gentle nudge towards your goals


The Club Championship is based on designated races (follow the links below) and up to two ‘Wildcard’ races, which can be any officially measured and timed race of any of the designated distances i.e. 5k/5mile/10k/10mile/half marathon/20 mile and marathon.

The championship year runs from 1 April – 31 March. For a race to count for the Club Championship you must: 

  • Be a paid-up member of Widnes Wasps Ladies Running Club at the time of running 
  • Enter the club name as Widnes Wasps Ladies RC when registering for the race (exceptions will be made for new members who entered the race before joining but are paid-up members at the time of running 
  • Visibly wear either your Widnes Wasps club vest or t-shirt for the race (exceptions will be made where members are raising money in an event for a charity and wear that charity’s official vest and, by arrangement, for fancy dress) 
  • Have entered the race in your own name or have officially transferred another runner’s entry with agreement from the race organisers. (Running under another participants name is strongly discouraged by the club mainly for health and safety reasons)

Email your race results to the committee for consideration when calculating club championships at the end of the club year to 

Race results must be officially recorded e.g. via the race organisers for them to be considered in the Club championships. In races that use timing mats, the chip time will be used as the official result; otherwise, the gun time will count. 

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year for: 

  • Athlete of the Year 
  • Runner up athlete of the Year 
  • Most Improved Runner* 

* To be eligible for the most improved runner you must have: 

  • Been a member of the club for at least six months of the previous (2015/16) running calendar 
  • Have been included in the previous year’s (2015/16) championship 

Prizes will be awarded at the annual presentation night, normally held in May/June of the following year. 

Your 10 best scoring events from the following races will be used to calculate the current year’s championship.

18 Awards Evening - winners
2017/18 Championship Winners