If you’re a potential new member or a beginner looking to join us, please email enquiries@widneswasps.co.uk for more information about where and when we meet. 

We hope to run with you soon. 



Widnes Wasps Ladies Running Club have been inspiring women in the North West to lace up their running shoes and hit the streets and trails for over thirty years. And, there’s no sign of us stopping just yet. 

With a proud tradition of running (and socialising) we are stronger and faster than ever and are always on the lookout to recruit new members to our swarm. 

Start your warm-up and find out more about the only ladies only running club in Widnes.

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Supporting beginners and setting the pace for experienced runners, you'll find a warm welcome whatever your level.


A mile is a mile no matter your pace. Whether you zoom around or plod about, all are welcome at Wasps.


We love a bit of competition but don't take ourselves too seriously... we celebrate finish lines and finish times



Run/walk a mile or tackle a ten miler. At Widnes Wasps Running Club you’ll find a variety of training sessions to help you achieve your goals. 


Focus your training and aim for a race. Whether you want to complete a distance or achieve a faster time, we can guarantee support and encouragement on the big day. 


More than a club, we’re friends. We love to ditch our kit, don a dress and heels, and really let our hair down. 

What Our MEMBERS say

Our identity is who we are. It is comprised of many things, some we have little choice about as we, generally, follow the social norm. We are daughters, wives, mothers , employees etc. We may identify with one aspect more than any other. The Wasps have been my identity for a long time. Sure, I am a lot of other things but I chose to be a runner and on top of that , I chose to be a Wasp. Widnes Wasps Running Club gave me a running family, I combined my love of running with a tribal urge to be a part of a like minded supportive group. I never had sisters before joining Wasps, I have now!

Susan Campbell

I've been a Widnes Wasp now for almost three years and what a journey I've been on. Being a Wasp has given me confidence, an active hobby, and also the best of friends. My running has come on leaps and bounds because I'm surrounded by experienced ladies who have taken me under their wing with their encouragement. I'm now aiming to run my 5th marathon in under 4 hours! I've also ran internationally in Monaco and met the one and only Paula Radcliffe, a moment I won't forget in a hurry. We ladies vary in experience and age but we mix well, laugh together and support one another. There isn't another club I'd rather be a member of.

Stacey Clark